Wednesday, February 2, 2011


or, When Cap(italism)tions Go Awry

Premise: The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest functions as an anchor for the upper-middle-class in our post-post-modern world. Entrenched in our collective consciousness as the be-all-end-all of contemporary cosmopolitan "humor," it has ceased to be a human enterprise and has instead become a sort of Modernity-Masticating Machine, feeding on the sub-par comedic upchuck of a sedate and self-satisfied populace.

Call to Action: The time has come to Stop Chuckling. Stop Snickering. Stop Silently-Laughing-Only-In-Your-Head. In this brave new world, our only option—if we are to truly manifest our humanness, alive and awake to the True Comedic Cacophony of our times—is to GUFFAW AS IF OUR LIVES DEPENDED ON IT! (Because they do.)

Solution: SUBVERSION...........

Yawn (a.k.a. the "authorized" choices of the Modernity-Masticating-Masturbatory Machine):
"I have to say, I'm not a big fan of cloud computing."
"I guess you could call me an adventure capitalist."
"I'll be there in ten thousand feet."

YES! (a.k.a. the work of yours trulys):
"For being made of gold, it gets surprisingly good lift."
"Hang on, the wifi cut out again."
"You should go ahead and print another copy of the Johnson case."
"But I need it now!"
"I miss the corporate hang-glider."

Until next week, dear readers....Now go out into the world and GUFFAW

P.S. Props to Rem.

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