Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Do you have any gum? I seem to be having trouble hearing you."

"This never would have happened on the Concord."

"They're really stepping up enforcement of the seat-back rule, aren't they."

"Well that's the last time I ever turn on my cell phone in-flight."

"I could really use a tiny ten dollar bottle of Chardonnay right now."

And now I return to the venerable tradition of bashing the editors. You've really gotta hand it to them. This week they once again picked a caption so close to two of ours, and yet also decidedly inferior. Side-by-side comparison:

"Well you're the one who insisted on the smoking section."<--boo, they're clearly not planing together.

"Well when they said there was a smoking section, I couldn't resist."

"Yes, I believe smoking is allowed in these seats."

And finally, Alissa's favorite (and it works almost every week!)


1 comment:

  1. my caption would be "NONSTOP FLIGHT TO BOOOOOBTOWNNNNN!!!!" hahaha..