Sunday, January 9, 2011


"Just wait 'til The Foot shows up."

Dear Readers—
We here at CC are well aware that, thanks to pressing modern-day commitments and responsibilities, hardly anyone has time to digest hesh lunch anymore, let alone a long, complex blog post. Hence, for your societally-supported ADHD needs, I've conveniently packaged today's missive into a series of concise points à la Bill Gates' most nefarious creation: Powerpoint. Enjoy!

Cartoon #268:
- Stayed too long (at bar)
- Wife mad
- He = trouble

Thoughts (Initial):
- Wife = giant
- Wife = made of rubber
- Kinky

Thoughts (Mid-way):
- Ear cleaning
- Eye gouging
- Giant bracelets -- where bought?

Thoughts (Final):
- "Welcome to the neighborhood." -- giant rubber woman terrorizes all
- "I guess that means it's last call." -- hyuk hyuk
- "Well you're the one who married her." -- pitiful effort (hindsight = 20/20)
- "Just wait til the Foot shows up." -- note capital F (extra funny)

Thoughts (Post-Submission):
- New cartoon = not posted
- New cartoon = not posted (still)
- WTF (it's 11:05 CST)
- Intern clearly asleep
- Internship --> why not us
- Contest Winners --> why not us
- Second Coming (of Christ) --> why not us
- Or are we

Thoughts (Post-Post-Submission):
- Small print noticed
- Deadline = 1 week later (than normal)
- Huge mistake:

- Angry -- do not submit caption
- Inebriated -- do not submit caption
- Self-Righteous -- submit caption (constant state of being --> inescapable)

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